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Front-End Development

Junior level front-end developer with a growing portfolio of custom build projects, my portfolio grows week by week as i carry on develping my skill with my test projects.


I have always been a huge believer in we never stop learning and developing ourselves in everyday life, so i take things like that and i continue to grow and try to impliment in my projects.

Responsive Development

One of the key parts of my development projects are how i design and code, resposive design is the way forward with around 70% of users accessing our sites through mobil & tablet i build my sites for mobile then work my way to desktop to save time on media querys.

Why Web Development?

For myself it all started as a youngster in the 1980s sitting there with my Sinclair Spectrum ZX spending hours upon hours creating games and learning the “what and why” code acts the way it does but if you check out the i will go into much more detail below.

My Projects

Appliance Doctor, Feltham

Latest Client.
Status : Live
The Appliance Doctor was a small local business that i happened to get talking to the co owner one evening and he just happend to mention that he was looking to expand his business and grow in the online world so and after a little time and a discussion over what he was looking for and what his vision was i got to work and now he has a fully functioning online store that will help his business grow.

Recipe Website

Own Project.
Status : Portfolio Project
This project was just something i’ve been thinking of and before my life as a front end developer i was a chef so food is something very big in my life so here it is, if this is something your looking for let me know even if it’s just feedback i love to hear what people think.

Jewellery Website

Own Project.
Status : Portfolio Project
This Was something i have wanted to build and test for a while and have spend a few days playing with a few designs and here is something i have come up with.